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Tuesday, 25 September 2007
The No Fun League gets heavy-handed, goes after innocent cheerleaders
Topic: Sports

Last year, the American people got rid of a do-nothing Congress.

If you really want to see a do-nothing group, look no further than New York City -- home of the National Football League.

Appearantly, Roger Goodell has way too much time on his hands after he suspended Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, and Mike Vick.  Now the tyrannical head of the NFL is going after the most well-behaved group of people, the very people who built the NFL into the powerhouse that it is today -- the cheerleaders.  Goodell says the cheerleaders' pregame warmups are "very distracting" and that the women are "influencing" the outcome of games by doing "lascivious" dances on the away team's sidelines.  Goodell's claim is nothing more than a strawman argument.  Anyone who watches the cheerleaders knows that the cheerleaders are there to get the home team involved in the game, not to distract the opposition as Goodell falsely claims.  And if anyone has ever been to a cold weather game, they know that the cheerleaders are covered from head to toe.  I know the true intentions of the 26 cheer squads, Goodell doesn't.  Unlike Kelli Finglass and the other 25 heads of cheerleading, Goodell's intentions are evil, cruel and are comparable to the Islamic extremist countries in the Middle East.  If Goodell could, he would ban cheerleaders from the NFL.  If he does that, expect the backlash the NFL would receive to be severe -- so much so -- that NASCAR would easily take away potentional NFL fans and the stock car league would also hammer the NFL in attendance and in TV ratings.

In the best interest of the fans, it would be wise if Goodell would just stick to keeping the players in line.  If distracting cheerleaders is what Goodell is worried about, then he should resign as the commish of the NFL immediately.

Posted by jovan29853 at 6:54 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2007 12:44 AM EDT

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